Monday, 30 March 2015

Bowser complete.

I've had the day off work today, and what better way to spend it than painting?

I've finished Bowser now, apart from the outlining, which I'll do all in one go once I've finished the painting. 

I still can't find my camera - I don't think it went into storage, but who knows! If anyone would like to donate one ...

Here's the whole painting: 

And here's a closeup:

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Bowser started

I've painted for quite a while today, concentrating on Bowser. I've got most of the purples done, but need to stop to make dinner!

I'll carry on tomorrow. 

Secret Santa background redone.

I'm happier with this now, so I'm going to start Bowser next. Hopefully I'll find my camera soon - I've found my SD card reader, so that's a start. Until then, I'm still using my iPad. 

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Secret Santa background started

I have a very understanding Santee.
I've been working on the background to his painting. I need to lighten the top, but I'm stopping for lunch now. 
I'll do some more later. 

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Secret Santa painting

You may well guess from the lack of posts that I've been ill. Since Christmas. I've also moved house, 6 days before Christmas. 

I've finally recovered and am back at work and now painting, and the first thing I need to do is my Secret Santa's painting. Thankfully, he's understanding, and has been happy to wait. 

This is what I'm painting:

And here's the pencil outline: 

Yes, I know it's a little blurred, but I have yet to discover my camera, so am using my iPad, before anyone complains!

Friday, 16 January 2015

ME research update

It's been a while since I posted anything- a combination of a very protracted house move, making 5 bridesmaid dresses and being ill. The house move triggered an ME flare up (no surprise there) and then I've had a chest infection that hasn't wanted to go. 

I've also been down to London to take part in Stage 1 of a research trial, something that has given me hope of possible recovery for the first time since I developed ME, 9 and a half years ago.

This trial is being carried out at UCL hospital, and has been funded by donations. Stage 1 is attempting to identify if there are problems with people's B natural killer Cells in our blood, and involved a series of questionnaires then some blood samples. My friend Mike came, to take notes and generally support me; he ended up being a healthy control, and also donated blood samples for testing!

The questionnaires were fairly straight forward - about the onset and progression of ME, detailed stuff about symptoms, then questions about childhood illnesses. They were very interested when I said I'd had chicken pox 3 times - once age 7 badly, mildly age 22 and again badly in my early 40s. They told me that chicken pox is in the Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) group of viruses, that feature in ME.
I had no idea about this at all. They talked about Glandular Fever as well, and the possible links to ME.

What's next? Mine and Mikes blood will be tested, the B cells looked at, other stuff looked at and compared to lots of other people's blood. The team at UCL will then produce a report with what they've learnt. I'll get a copy of it. 

Right now, the Rituximab trial is on hold, as there's a larger trial, with 200 people taking part happening in Norway, and so Dr Berkovitz wants to wait to see the results of that trial before starting the UK trial - he's said he wants to see exactly what happens to the Norwegian trial people before using a powerful chemotherapy drug on UK people. 

Watch this space for more news as I get it!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Another 'Doorways' painting.

I've had a strange couple of months - we sold our house at the end of July and have house sat for some friends for a few weeks and have now moved to my mum's. Our new house will be ready soon, I'm looking forward to living there. It's a bungalow, so my life should be a bit easier as I'll have no stairs to deal with :)

As a consequence, I've not had many opportunities to paint, but today it's my BFF's birthday today, so I've painted something for her. It's the entrance to where we stayed for her birthday last year; here's the photo I've based the painting on:


Here's part way through painting:

I painted the mortar of the bricks first, then used a small fitch brush to paint individual bricks, changing the colours as I went to reflect the differing colours of the bricks. 

The I painted the door: 

Even though I was going to be covering parts of the door in greenery I wanted to paint the whole door so that it could show through. 

Next, I shaded in background greenery and painted the lace at the window:

I just scrubbed the paint on, as I was planning on over painting it to do the detail of the plants.

I then painted in the plants - ivy at the top and bottom on the right, conifer in the middle and on the left. I enjoyed painting this, it was very relaxing!

The whole painting:



My friend seemed pleased with it :)