Monday, 24 June 2013

Nova_C's background started

Yes, I'm on my camera on my phone, it's all I've got!
In a field at Glastonbury Festival following an overnight shift, what should I do? Paint, of course!
Here's the background started. I know it looks very dark right now; that will change once I've painted the tree. I'll update as I go. 

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Prince of Persia for Nova_C

At last I've found some time to start Nova_C's painting - the wedding tired me out and I've needed to rest lots on my days off, so today was the first day I've had time to draw.

I've had to draw this picture on a 30cm x 40cm canvas, as postage prices from the UK have got ridiculous - the last painting I posted to the USA cost £54 to post, as it was classed as a large parcel, so hopefuly by reducing the canvas size a little, I'll save people lots of money.

That won't stop me painting something bigger though, as long as the commissioner is willing to pay the postage costs!

Anyway, finally, here's the pencil outline: