Sunday 7 November 2010

Professor Layton almost finished

Here's Professor Layton almost finished I expect I'll finish it in the next couple of days, then start the next Child's Play picture,  from Super Meat Boy.

I've really enjoyed painting this, I love the tones and style. 

I've also realised that you can see a little bit of the room I paint in, in almost every picture. I paint in my dining room; what you can see here is the striped fabric of a dining chair, and an oak cupboard, as well as a bit of the table. I swathe the table in waterproof cloth, just to be sure of not getting paint on it. So far, so good ...


  1. Shirley, Your artwork is just brilliant, what a real talent you've got along with patience and commitment.
    And to watch the pictures come to life step-by step is amazing.
    In time (when you've caught up) I'll commission a piece from you.
    Keep up the good work and I'll add you to my 'following' list.


  2. Hi Mandi sent me this way and I'm glad she did, this is very good indeed. I've tried watercolours and they are hard. When I get chance I'm going to try acrillics

  3. Hi Amanda and Nick,
    I'm glad you both like my paintings!
    My next painting, Limbo, I tried as a colour-washed painting - see the update - but I agree, Nick, watercolours are far too hard for me! I find acrylics easier to manage!