Friday 24 December 2010

Half life 2, Episode 2 completed

As promised, here's the painting of Half Life 2: Episode 2 I did for my secret santee. It now resides near Edmonton, Canadia.

Here it is slightly closer, showing the left hand side:

And the showing the right hand side of the picture:

I really enjoyed painting this; I love the changes in the sky, the different light effects and the swirly-ness of the portal storm.

I'm going to have a short break from painting for Christmas, as I'm going to be very busy with family stuff for the next two days.

Have a peaceful Christmas.


  1. That is absolutely gorgeous! Would you ever consider doing another one for commission? I don't have any place for it now but I would love to have that in my apartment someday!

  2. Why, thank you! All my paintings are to commission - I just don't charge for the charity ones (except to cover my costs) - you just have to buy something from one of the charities I support; I have a waiting list that's full for the next year - I aim to do one painting a month, although sometimes manage more, and plan to defrost the waiting list some time this year. When I do, I'll announce it on my homepage and in my thread on Penny Arcade, so check back occasionally.
    Its funny, I've painted some images several times - Ico at least 3 times, and I think I've done 4 colossi from SOTC, plus a couple from Limbo, but most are just one-offs.

  3. Whoever received this was one lucky individual. You are a very talented and generous person!