Friday 18 February 2011

Starting okami

Its an exciting day, today, not only am I starting painting one of my favourite styles, I'm also using new brushes!

I had some new paint brushes for Christmas - I'm a dreadful hoarder of brushes, find it hard to throw old ones away, but the time had come for some new ones.

I prefer painting with sable brushes - I know acrylic paint damages them, but I love how they feel to paint with, how they load colour, and how the paint just flows. I do have some acrylic brushes, but they're a bit stiff and not as flexible.

Here's my new brushes on the right, with an acrylic brush on the left:

And here's the start of okami:

The sky:

Then here's the start of the river:

And here is down to the rocks done. I'll be painting the stars last, when the rest of the painting is finished.

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