Thursday 16 February 2012

Assassin's Creed buildings started

Well, its been a while since I posted - illness and PC issues got in the way of painting and then posting about painting!

I decided to buy but migrating to it has proved more than I'm currently capable of - I've tried, only to lose the contents completely. I'm going to try again, I think I just missed several crucial stages out in the process. I've found a tutorial, so I'll be trying again pretty soon.

Anyway, back to Assassin's Creed. I've started the buildings, I think they're going to take quite a while, as they are all quite detailed. I've started off by blocking in the walls and some roofs, I'm planning to do that for all of them, leaving the detail until later. I'll also be colour-washing in a greyish-white to reproduce the haze from the sun.

Here's where I'm up to:

And a little more done:

I'll be doing some more tomorrow, in the mean time, if anyone has any advice about moving the site, feel free to email me at thanks!

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