Thursday 12 April 2012

Updated Oxfam painting list

I've added someone to the list, and completed a couple of the paintings, so I thought I'd update it.

MegaMan001: FF VII - Done!

Andrew JD: Sonic - Almost done!

Malkor: Darkwing Duck

Willeth: Don't know yet

Jessie B: Guitaroo Man

PABosher: Don't know yet

SkidZilla: front cover of "Vice" magazine

Nova_C: Prince of Persia

Nathan C: Portal 2/Half Life 2

Nic R: my choice of 3

Kyler V: Zelda

Sirialis: okami or Zelda, not yet decided 

Junpei: don't know yet 

Radiation: Link or My Little Pony (for his daughter)

Tofystedeth - no image yet


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