Thursday 18 October 2012

At last! More Guitaroo Man Lives painted

The down-side of having ME is I get tired easily (no, really?).  Stuff you might take for granted causes me problems that I've talked a little about before. Since coming home from PAX I've been unwell. 

The effort going to a Con takes it out of me generally, never mind going to one that involves 17 hours of flying! Add into the mix working 3 days a week with a 40 mile round trip, travelling down to London for Eurogamer equals one very tired woman. 

That means I don't paint; I go to work, come home and rest.


I've had enough of all of that and have finally picked up my paintbrush and painted for a few hours today, and it feels good. Yes, I'm still tired, but I'VE PAINTED!!!!

Here it is:

I've painted lots of the grey tones in this picture.

Here, I've painted the green bits and some of the white/off white as well.

I'll probably do some more tomorrow, I'm going to make tea now.

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