Monday 30 September 2013

Eurogamer expo

Well I went back, in trepidation of what I might find - you may well recall a blog post I made following last year's EGX. 

I had a great time, played lots of lovely indie games - Octodad, which seemed easy but was ridiculously difficult - apparently it's extremely funny watching me mishandle my tentacles, and the suckers attach to everything except what I wanted them to. 

I played Myriad, and chatted to Erlund, the Dev - what a beautiful, fast game - it looks amazing! 

I also played Doom Piano - hilarious playing co-op with Lewie, I started off trying to avoid opponents, and ended up getting cross with Lewie for not letting me kill people. 

I played The Room 2 - a lovely puzzle game that looks stunning, I'm looking forward to playing that one when it comes out.

Fist Of Awesome is an evil game - you have to punch, kick and stomp on deer, I tried running away but you can't, and if you don't kick, punch or stomp on the deer they kill you! I think it took me about 4 minutes to become a deer killing machine! I know I like venison, but this was wanton deer murder!

Skipping Stones is also beautiful - you do exactly what the title suggests, and your stones create music, discordant notes as each stone hits the water. This was just a small part of the game; if you like Proteus, you'll also like this. 

Lüftrousers is a flying, shooting game that I'm hopeless at - you choose the plane you fly, the weapons you use then laugh at me as I crash into the sea, fly into the missiles aimed at me and generally demonstrate my incompetence.

Madam, you are being hunted is a scary game by Jim Rossignol from RPS - a Tweed Punk game that generates a completely new landscape each time you play it, and where you're hunted down by robots who try to stop you recovering parts of your exploded spacecraft. 

I watched Lewie play Assault Cactus Android - a pretty game where you have to dodge stuff, shoot stuff and pick up other stuff. Sanatana, the Dev, is a lovely bloke. 

RockSmith - at last, a guitar game that has a real guitar to play - I play guitar, but can't on RockBand or Guitar Hero; I have to play drums, which I really like but get cross about not being able to play the guitar. I played rhythm guitar and sang along to an Oasis track and a Radiohead track. They told me I'd be able to use my own guitar to play the game - it's an Ibanez jumbo acoustic.

I also talked to the Virgin Media lead person, as all their staff were dressed appropriately this year. She talked a little about the staff last year, and how she made sure that they were dressed decently. 

I've had fun today; I'm absolutely shattered, but am so glad I came. Thank you Eurogamer for making it worth the trip.

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