Friday 18 October 2013

Secret commission step 6

I brought the painting to The Olde Rectory and discovered I'd missed the weather vane from the top of the church tower! Thankfully, I had brought paints with me, for my pretend-sketching on the Saturday afternoon, so I could fix it.

We arrived about 4:30 pm on the Friday and set about decorating the buildings and trees with bunting, fairy lights and candles, and spent Friday evening in Gooch Hall sharing cheese and wine.

I spent Saturday afternoon drawing the entrance to the main building, repeatedly 'getting it wrong', rubbing it out and starting again. My BFF was convinced by my efforts, and seemed fairly happy with how the sketch was progressing. I may well keep it and paint it anyway, as part of my Doorways to the World series.

I had noticed there was a sign on the wall above the table, but couldn't work out what it said. I'd brought a very fine pen with me, thinking I could ink it in, but it said 'No Parking' so I left it blank!

On the Saturday evening, we had champagne and presents - I hid my wrapped painting in with the other presents. She had the most beautiful presents from people, it was wonderful to see how creative people could be. She liked my painting, and was baffled how I'd managed to to it that afternoon. I explained.

Here's the finished painting:

The whole painting:

The church tower:

The wall:

It was fun painting something not videogame related for a change, but I'm now doing some preliminary sketches for another secret commission, so I'll be posting other stuff for a while.

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