Monday 26 May 2014

Zelda is finished!

At last, I've had more than 30 minutes to myself that hasn't included laying on the sofa recovering from having done too much!

These last couple of months have been hard going - a combination of trying to do more than I could, having ME flare-ups due to trying to do too much, then lying on the sofa doing nothing because I'm too tired to do anything.

My husband has been up for re-election as a local councillor, so for the last month, I've been a canvassing widow as he's been out every evening and most weekends. The election was last Thursday, and he was re-elected. I've been trying to do more around the house so that he could focus on politics, and at the same time we decided to put our house up for sale and move to a bungalow. 

Our house sold within just a few days, so now we have to find somewhere to move to!

Enough of all that though, let's get onto what you want to see. Zelda.

I've ordered some batteries for my camera online, but I'm still only iPad, I'm sorry!

Here's the whole thing:

Then a close-up top:

And a close-up of the bottom half:

This one was fun to do; once I receive payment it will be winging its way over the Atlantic to its new owner.

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