Thursday 24 September 2015

Painting again!!! :)

Well, I've decided to stop feeling sorry for myself, and get back on with life again. My left arm isn't fixable, but life, with a few adaptations, must go on.

I'm on holiday for a week in Kos, and have brought a couple of paintings to do while I'm here. It feels so good to pick up a pencil to draw, and I'll be painting tomorrow.

So what am I doing? It's a Lego Marvel Superheros for Radiation:

This is a photo of the image I'm working on - I only have my iPad with me, so photo quality won't be great, I'm sorry!

Here's the pencil outline:

I'll start painting in in the morning - I don't like painting in artificial light, as colours look different, and what I think is a colour match turns out to be anything but!

It feels good :)

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