Monday 15 February 2016

Lego Marvel superheroes at last

It feels like I keep saying this: "I've not been well, I've been too tired to paint, I've finally paints a bit more".

Being medically retired from work has been harder to deal with than I first thought it would be. I'm still having investigations into the problems with my neck, left shoulder, hand and arm: tomorrow I go for nerve function tests, to confirm I have no median nerve in that arm, and to see if they can tell exactly what's going on.

I've been diagnosed with cervical stenosis at C5/6, on the left. That's why my left hand doesn't work properly any more, and it's just going to get worse. The neurosurgeon won't operate yet, as the risks are too high. I'll have to wait until I can't use my arm/hand/shoulder any more, or when the pain becomes unbearable.

That's why it's been tough, the last several months. I've been off work for 10 months now, and have tried several types of pain medication. Work are throwing me a retirement do - if you're based in the NW of England, and you need a job, try Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, they're a wonderful organisation to work for!

Enough of that; here's where I'm up to with the Lego painting:

The whole thing:

A close-up of the side that's almost finished:

Radiation is the most patient person - still waiting for this painting, without putting me under pressure to finish it quickly!

I'll update more, soon :)

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