Monday 14 March 2011

Rockband Icons for Child's Play painting started

I heard yesterday that the Cookie Brigade (people who make and sell/give away cookies at PAX) raised $9,000 at PAX East last weekend. That is incredible. 

The Cookie Brigade take lots and lots of home made goodies to PAX each year, and give them to PAX attendees, who then give them money. It amazes me that people take time out of attending a convention to do something selfless, in fact, do something selfless beforehand, in baking yummy things to give away. 

Last year at PAX East, people found the Cookie Brigade a bit odd, this year, they didn't. This money goes to buy toys, games and game consoles for children's hospitals worldwide.

Anyway, hopefully this painting will raise a few hundred dollars at the charity auction in December in Seattle.

Progress so far - here's the guitar done, with the drums visible next to them.

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