Saturday 23 July 2011

New Oxfam painting list

Here is the list of people I'm painting for next to raise money for Oxfam. I've already started the first, I'll add to the list if anyone else emails me and i like the picture they want me to paint!

MegaMan001: FF VII

Andrew JD: Sonic

Malkor: Darkwing Duck

Willeth: Don't know yet

Jessie B: Guitaroo Man

PABosher: Don't know yet

SkidZilla: front cover of "Vice" magazine

Nova_C: Prince of Persia

Nathan C: Portal 2/Half Life 2

Nic R: my choice of 3

Kyler V: Zelda

Sirialis: okami or Zelda, not yet decided 

Junpei: don't know yet

Radiation: Link or My Little Pony (for his daughter)

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