Thursday 16 January 2014

Borderlands 2

This was for my Secret Santee - for the last 6 years I've taken part in an online Secret Santa, and have only once not received a gift from a Santa, and that year I was Easter Bunnied instead.

Each year I'm assigned a Santee and am given their IRL name as well as their forum name, their IRL address and their email.

I then spend a few weeks virtually stalking them, until I've worked out what painting they may like. One year I was particularly successful at stalking, found my Santee's sister and mum on FB, and messaged them about him. I found out all sorts of things - one, importantly that he was gluten free, so I made some gluten free biscuits for him.

I tend to send a load of English chocolate as well, as so far my Santee has always been from outside the UK, and let's be honest, we do make the best chocolate!

After a successful stalk, I was advised that he really likes Borderlands 2, so with some help, I narrowed the choice down to 3 images, then went with the one whose colours I liked the most:

The first image really interested me, the colours were lovely; the second filled me with dread because of all the straight lines, although I love the image; the character image bothered me, as I'd be removing the guns, which would change the images.

In the end, I decided to go with the first image, as the colours were just so lovely.

I'll update over the next few days.

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