Monday 6 January 2014

Even more Samsara done

Once I started the figures, I had a discussion with the commissioner about how the sa-ilu (Dreamer) would look. I tried out a few different figures on paper, then cut them out and attached them to the canvas using my putty rubber. You may notice that I've painted over the background - where I'd originally placed the sa-ilu.

Version 1 - I found out that both men and women Sikhs wear turbans, and the sa-ilu (Dreamer) has not been identified as a man or woman, so I wanted to keep that detail difficult to determine.

Version 2 - In this one, I tried to hide the features with a veil, but didn't think it was as successful:

Version 3 - This one was a different character again, with a different type of veil - I was trying to achieve an effect that looked like tuille:

I had an interesting discussion with the commissioner, and we agreed on a composite character - he liked the second veil, but prefered the colours and stance of the first character. He also wanted the sa-ilu to have a more dominant role in the painting, so I suggested making that figure larger.

More in the next couple of days.

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