Thursday 18 July 2013

Prince of Persia almost done!

I've been out in my garden all afternoon painting! Apart from the ridiculous heat, its been lovely.

I did take this painting to Glastonbury Festival to paint, but there was surprisingly little time to do so. I don't mean during the festival, but before - we go for 11 days, volunteering for Oxfam.

Its actually a great way to go to festivals - you have a specified camping area, loos, showers and a marquee with free tea and coffee, 24/7. There's also catering available in the marquee! The deal is you pay Oxfam £205 up front, you steward and get to go to lots of festivals, and then 4 weeks (ish) after your last festival, you receive most of the money back! Oxfam stands to make almost £1M this year from stewarding at festivals! Win all round!

Anyway, back to the painting! here's where I'm up to:

Close-up left

Close-up right

I'm hoping to finish it tomorrow.