Oxfam paintings

Here's a very old school Sonic the Hedgehog - painting this brought back memories of watching my son playing Sonic on his Master System!

This was a challenging painting - there is so much detail to it! Its second in complexity to the Mirror's Edge painting I did a while back, and I don't think I would have attempted it a few years ago!

Another Journey - such a beautiful game!

And yet another cute Mario painting:

This is a magazine cover, and unusually is for someone I've actually met before - most of my paintings are for people I've never even spoken to, but this one was for a lovely woman who I met at Birmingham's Omega Sektor before it closed down!

Duck Tails:

Cult of Rapture:

Metro 2033:

Zelda Wind Waker:

RockBand icons:

Star Wars:

Super Mario Galaxy:

Final Fantasy XI:

Beyond Good and Evil. I'm not great at faces, although I'm improving.

Okami. I love the style of the art work in this game, its just beautiful.

More Okami.

Even more Okami.

Yet another Okami painting, this is probably my favourite image from the game.

Even more Okami. I struggle to get my camera straight when taking photos of my paintings. 

This image is from Bioshock.

This is an image from Thief. 

Green Arrow. This was one of my dad's favourites - before he died, he loved to see what I was working on, and he particularly loved the colours in this painting.

Ico has proved popular, I think I've painted 4.

This was my second Colossus from Shadow of the Colossus. The first one wasn't that great. This one was quite large - my preferred size of canvas is 40 cm x 50 cm. this one was 4 times that, and the recipient bought a portable classroom from Oxfam Unwrapped.

This is the latest image from Shadow of the Colossus I've done, and is my favourite from that game so far.

This image of Red XIII was the prize in an Assassins game, that I played at PAX 2008. I survived until the Sunday evening, but then was killed at the button swap.

This was Red XIII again, with his dad.

This image is from Minus, a beautiful, quirky online story.

This is from Mirror's Edge, a game with amazing beauty. It should have sold better than it did, its such a pretty game.

Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid - whenever I see this image, I have memories of Glastonbury Festival and cries of "Metal gear" coming from inside a tent!

This is from Halo, a scene called Avalanche.

I think this one is called Deadly Creatures.

This World of Goo image was a Secret Santa gift. I love this game - so simple, at first, but an amazing physics game. The artwork is influenced by Dr Seuss - books I grew up with, and still love.

This Disgea image was an Easter Bunny gift - to replace a deadbeat Santa who failed to gift anything to their Santee.

 My neighbour Totoro, such a delightful image to paint. I've not seen the film yet.

This next picture is from a cover of Fables - a graphic novel. This was lovely to paint, I loved the different shades of blue, and how the red book just lifts the whole painting:

I've forgotten to update this page with what I've done since FF XI, so here goes - they are all in individual posts, but I want to keep all my Oxfam paintings in one place, so they are easy to find, rather than having to scroll through pages and pages of posts.

Link's Awakening - I loved painting this, the colours are so beautiful.