Childs Play paintings

Here's a few more paintings I've done for Child's Play:

Another Professor Layton - how I love puzzle games!

Journey - how I love this game! This one sold for $2000 last December, and resulted in my painting another one for the person who was out-bidded, again for Child's Play.

This was originally a commission for someone who decided to a) not pay me and b) ignore all my attempts to contact him, so I decided to give it to Child's Play to auction. His loss, childrens gain!

This one was part of the annual Solid Saints auction on Penny Arcade's forum, it was an A4 painting on canvas board of The Little Engine That Could:

Jonathon Blow, the creator of Braid gave me permission to paint this for Child's Play charity - the charity that buys games consoles and games for children's wards and hospitals all over the world. It sold at their auction for $1000.

This painting of the wolf from Okami, I think it sold for $400.

Professor Layton and the Curious Village - a great puzzle game, and a joy to paint.

This image from Scribblenauts - Post 217 - sold at the Child's Play auction, for $700.

This World of Goo image sold at the Child's Play auction for $450.

I did this painting of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney for Child's Play last year, but forgot to tell Kristen about it, so it wasn't on the auction list; they will be auctioning it this December.

Here's another Professor Layton, for the next Child's Play auction in December this year, in Seattle. I finished it last night, all I have to do now is sign it, wrap it and then post it off to Kristen at Child's play.


Here's the finished Limbo - I offered an A4 sized painting in an online auction, the winning bidder paid $125 for a screen shot from Limbo - a beautiful, somewhat dark game. I'll be sending it off to the winning bidder on Monday, carefully wrapped, of course.

I've done a larger, 40x50 cm canvas of the same screenshot, for the Child's Play charity dinner next week in Seattle, where they have a silent auction. Hopefully, it will raise lots! I met the developer of the game at a convention earlier this year - he's lovely - and we chatted for a while about the beautiful artwork in the game. I played it for a while, and really enjoyed it.

I've just heard from Kristen, at Child's Play, and the Professor Layton painting sold for just under $700; the Limbo painting sold for just over $300! I'm thrilled, thats another $1,000 for Child's Play!