Saturday 24 August 2013

Altair, Connor, a TARDIS and Journey for sale

I got far too carried away painting things to take to Nine Worlds - every time I went to a festival, I took some canvases with me - I need to rest between doing stuff, and I wake up really early in the morning when I'm camping, so taking paintings gave me something useful to do.

Problem was, I forgot how many paintings I'd done, and ended up with more than I thought I would.

Rather than stick them in a cupboard until I'm next exhibiting, I thought I'd offer them for sale here.

They are:

Limbo - I did this a few years ago, its about 11"x9", is as usual, acrylics on canvas board, £25:

Altair - 12"x10" acrylics on canvas board, £30:

Connor - 12"x10" acrylics on canvas board, £30:

A Van Gogh TARDIS, again 12"x10" acrylics on canvas board, £30:

And one of my favourite images to paint, Journey: this one is on stretched canvas, is 16"x20" and costs £90:

Those prices include P&P first class within the UK, I'll let you know the cost to other countries once I know where you'd like me to post them.

You can contact me at for anything you'd like to ask about any of the paintings.

Nine Worlds

Well, I'm back from Nine Worlds and finally have some time to update canvasandpaints!

I've had a hectic month - I volunteered for Oxfam at another music festival, Carfest North, which is unlike any festival I've ever been to in my life - people went to bed when the music finished, all the stalls and food outlets shut down by 11:00 pm, it was very strange.

I did post a series of paintings using my iphone (I'm sorry) camera, as I was painting them at festivals without my camera, ready to take to Nine Worlds to sell.

I painted more than I realised, and some didn't sell, so I'll be posting them later. I just wanted to tell you about Nine Worlds first.

I decided to go as soon as I saw someone tweeting about it, as it looked just my cup of tea - if you don't know about Nine Worlds, check out here.

It was a kickstarter funded convention, with a very positive statement on disability, race, sex and LGBTTQ stuff - which said "Nine Worlds is dedicated to providing a great convention experience for everyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, disability, physical appearance, body size, race or religion. For this reason, we will not tolerate any form of harassment of convention participants. Con participants found to be engaging in harassment may be sanctioned or expelled from the con without refund.".

It was a joy to be there, from the second I arrived at the hotel. It was like coming home. The funny thing was watching airline cabin crew looking puzzled, and then seeing we were in the majority!

There was so much to do over the weekend - sci-fi, Dr. Who, tabletop gaming, Larping, books, poetry, steam punk, skeptic discussions, Rock Band in the evening. I met Adric (who the Cybermen killed on my birthday) (yes, I know he actually chose to die to save everyone else, but it WAS the Cybermen's fault!), met up with a few people I know from PAX, which was great, made some new friends, hung out with fabulous people all weekend. I also spoke at 2 panels, the first on disability and gaming, the second on difficulty and art in gaming. They were fun!

I'm so looking forward to next year - I'll definitely be going, maybe I'll see you there?

Friday 9 August 2013

Van Gogh's TARDIS

Whoops, I forgot to post about this! Seeing as I'm about to head to Nine Worlds, I thought I'd better paint something Whovian, so I've decided to paint Van Gogh's TARDIS. I'm already part way through, so here it is with its base coat and some of the stars done:

The ultramarine and cobalt mix I'm using is a bit translucent, so I'll be layering it up. 

I love Dr Who, and am really looking forward to seeing the new Doctor in action!

Altäir is finished

I finished Altäir this morning:

Thursday 8 August 2013

More Altäir done

I'm heading down to London for Nine Worlds and have brought Altäir with me to finish it. I've done all the colour blocking now and just need to do the detail, but I've had to stop as the train is too bumpy to carry on. 
Here's where I've got up to:

I'll finish it at Lewie's in the morning. 

Sunday 4 August 2013

Saturday 3 August 2013

Another Altäir to take to Nine Worlds

The paintings that get the most hits here are Assassin's Creed images, so I've decided to take a few to Nine Worlds next weekend to sell. 

Here's the one I'm painting today:

I'm hoping to finish it this morning. 

Friday 2 August 2013

Journey complete

I've finished Journey, started painting early this morning. It's taken about 9 hours to complete, I'll be taking it to Nine Worlds next weekend to sell. 

Here it is: 

Close up left:

Close up right:

Thursday 1 August 2013


Here's a bit more done:

Journey to take to Nine Worlds next weekend

I'm at a festival and have brought a couple of paintings to do. I'm having to use my phone camera, so the image quality isn't great, but here's where I'm up to:

pencil outline:

Yes, it's very hot and sunny. The paint is drying quickly and I'm being dive bombed by wasps :(

Sky done:

Dust clouds done: