Saturday 24 August 2013

Altair, Connor, a TARDIS and Journey for sale

I got far too carried away painting things to take to Nine Worlds - every time I went to a festival, I took some canvases with me - I need to rest between doing stuff, and I wake up really early in the morning when I'm camping, so taking paintings gave me something useful to do.

Problem was, I forgot how many paintings I'd done, and ended up with more than I thought I would.

Rather than stick them in a cupboard until I'm next exhibiting, I thought I'd offer them for sale here.

They are:

Limbo - I did this a few years ago, its about 11"x9", is as usual, acrylics on canvas board, £25:

Altair - 12"x10" acrylics on canvas board, £30:

Connor - 12"x10" acrylics on canvas board, £30:

A Van Gogh TARDIS, again 12"x10" acrylics on canvas board, £30:

And one of my favourite images to paint, Journey: this one is on stretched canvas, is 16"x20" and costs £90:

Those prices include P&P first class within the UK, I'll let you know the cost to other countries once I know where you'd like me to post them.

You can contact me at for anything you'd like to ask about any of the paintings.

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