Sunday 7 November 2010

Professor Layton - a Child's Play painting

This one is for Child's play. I will post images of the painting in progress, as I do it.

The pencil outline:


Inking in started:

The next stage, fully inked in, ready to start the painting.


Here is the background started - I work from left to right, cos I'm right handed, and worry about smudging the paint. I'm painting this on canvas board using acrylics - I prefer acrylic paint, as I find it easier to work than either oils or water colour paints. Oils take to long to dry, and watercolours are unforgiving of mistakes, whereas acrylics are more forgiving, and dry pretty quickly. They are also more adaptable, you can thin them to watercolour consistency if you choose, or use them like oils. I tend to thin them a bit, but not lots, unless I'm colour-washing.

Here's a close-up of the clock face. I missed a hand off the pencil outline, and only noticed it as I started to paint the face! Whoops-a-daisy, good job I noticed it! I have 2 friends who regularly give me feedback on my paintings - they are excellent at spotting where I'm going wrong, and help me get the painting back on track.

Here is a bit more done - the clock face, with the missing hand drawn in, and more of the time machine painted.

Even more done, now. I think I've got another 3 - 4 hours left to do, then it will be ready to post off to Seattle. I've had to paint the clock hand darker than I wanted to, to cover up the inking in. I'll lighten it up later, when I finish the clock face.


  1. Truly charming and incredible work. I love seeing works in progress. I'm in the midst of illustrating my first children's book and am making progress updates on my facebook fanpage to let folks be a part of the creative process. If you feel like it, take a look and I'm open to any honest feedback. Thanks for posting this.!/pages/The-Nightmare-Tree/263089486980

    -Shannon Stamey

  2. hi. this is ridiculous. i don't see anything that is remotely considered "child's play". but yes, please keep this up, it's astonishingly beautiful

  3. Thank you, both of you! Shannon, I've looked at your FB, your illustrations are amazingly beautiful! tadako, Child's Play is a charity I support, by painting stuff for their annual dinner/auction. Check out the Child's Play page for more info!