Monday 6 June 2011

Turkish doors

Question: what do Turkish doors have to do with video games? 

Answer: Nothing. 

What they have to do with is open-hearted generosity:

My husband lost his job 12 weeks ago, and has yet to obtain another; he's getting interviews, but no job yet. Our best friends are going on holiday very soon, with another couple, one of whom is too ill to go, so they have had to pull out. 

They said to our best friends to take someone else, instead, so they've invited us. We could not afford this holiday normally, never mind whilst without the major wage earner in our family having a job, but we've been given this wonderful holiday. 

We couldn't pay for the holiday, nor have they asked us to, it is a gift to us; we could not afford to buy them a valuable gift, so instead, I'm painting something as a thank you. 

The couple who have given us the holiday don't play video games, I've been planning a series of paintings on doorways in the world, so this seemed like a good opportunity to start.

Source image:

Here's the pencil outline:

I'll be doing the off-white background first, building it up in stages. I'll update with more pictures as normal.

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