Friday 22 July 2011

Final Fantasy VII sky done

I've finally started painting this one - its the first off my new list, and is for MegaMan001, in Boston, Mass. 

I started the sky - I painted the whole sky blue/blue-green, getting paler towards the bottom, then I added in the clouds. I then thought I'd get a head start on myself, and took photos of the painting with just the sky done, then did the fields, trees and shrubs. 

Then I realised I'd not put the SD card back in my camera (again!) and so hadn't got pictures of just the sky done. Grrrrr!!!

So, I've taken a couple of shots of where I'm up to now:

And a close-up of the left:

And the right:

I'm quite pleased with the sky on this one, but then, it is blue, so I'm bound to like it!

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