Thursday 27 October 2011

Hitman background continues

OK, first let me apologise: my camera, the trusty Kodak I've owned for years has suddenly decided not to take photos any more. I've replaced the batteries, taken out the SD card, tried all sorts, but it won't work. I've had to use my I-phone to take pictures. I'm sorry, I know they will be blurry, and low def, but its the best I can think of right now!

Any way, with that apology over, here's the second one: yesterday, I took my mum on an epic train journey around the north of England - it was for her birthday. Somehow, I damaged my right index finger, and currently can't bend or straighten it at all without horrid pain - its swollen and immobile. That has meant I have only been able to paint colour blocks, as I don't have sufficient fine motor control for detailed work. I've done most of the background of Hitman now, with the details to do, hopefully tomorrow if my finger is OK.

Phew, two apologies in one post!

Any way, here's a couple of blurry shots of where I'm up to:

I hadn't noticed in the past how rubbish the camera is in my phone, I'll try to get my camera sorted out as soon as I can!

Here's a close-up: