Friday 9 November 2012

Guitaroo Man Lives blue done

I always forget to factor in the impact going to video games events has on me - a couple of weeks ago we went to GameCity in Nottingham - a week long games fest. Its excellent! While I was there I was taught how to build a level using GameMaker 8.1 - I'll make my Bee game one day!

I played lots of games; Mega GIRP, Just Like Real Life (shameless plug here, that's Lewie's game, available as a free download here, you should try it!), I watched an amazing mod of Proteus - Proteus Frog God Mod, where you travel around Proteus as a frog by bouncing on a trampoline; went to various talks - I had a really good time there.

I've spent today painting, and have got most of the blue painted now - I say most, as I've bound to have missed some of it. I also discovered I'd missed a knee off, so I'll fix than when I finish the faces off.

Here's where I'm up to:

It's taking longer than I expected because of all the detail, but I'm hoping to have it finished soon!

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