Sunday 24 February 2013

Stripes re-done

Well, I spoke too soon: I started the stripes, then realised that I'd drawn too many and had to start again! Grrrrr.

Waaaay too many stripes here - almost double what I needed. I clearly got carried away with myself!

I then painted out two out of every three stripes. this was not fun:

I then repainted them - made some wider, and painted one new stripe for every two I'd painted out:

Thankfully, I also remembered to paint the shading of the stripes in. Here they are close up as well:

This was frustrating - I hate it when i get a painting wrong, but there was no alternative, I had to repaint the whole left hand side, it would have looked silly if I hadn't, wouldn't have matched the source image at all. It would have made placing the smaller things difficult as well.

Next step, the orange and yellow top!

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