Sunday 24 June 2012

Welsh cave

I've just realised I've never posted about this painting. I'm currently not too well - ME flare-up due to doing far too much last week - so I've been just sitting for a few days, which is a bit boring.

I realised I'd missed posting this when I met my friend Rachael last night. She's a wonderful young woman whom I love very much, and is a helicopter pilot in the Navy. She's just come back from a war zone and will be returning there in a couple of months. Whilst she was away, she asked me if I'd paint something for her to remind her of home. her mum sent me some images of places in Wales where she loves, and I chose this image to paint:

Here's the pencil outline:

I decided to try a slightly different technique with this painting, and go for a more impressionistic style rather than my usual detailed style, as I thought the image would lend itself to it:

It proved quite challenging, as I kept wanting to use a teeny tiny brush and paint individual flakes of rock, but I wanted to finish it before she finished her tour of duty!

I finally let myself use the teeny tiny brush, to put in some detail in of the flakes and cracks in the rocks. here's the finished article, and the good news is that Rachael loves it:

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