Saturday 16 April 2016

The BBC made-over my back garden!!!

We moved house last year, to a bungalow, to help with my mobility problems. We had lived in a 4 storey Edwardian house, that was really impractical for me, so after a while of looking, we found our new house.

We needed to do some remodelling inside, which uncovered some structural problems which meant we couldn't move in for 5 months after we'd moved out of our old house!

The garden was a challenge too far for me, so I applied to a programme called "The Instant Gardener", and after a series of interviews and a recce, they chose my back garden as one of the gardens to do. 

I was taken out for the day, and returned to find a wonderful transformation - from a garden that I didn't know where to start, to a sci-fi themed garden.

They had created a portal (from the best ever videogame in the world) and painted my shed TARDIS blue!!

Here's a few pictures from before they started:

It was overgrown, I had no idea what things were, and more importantly, no energy to tackle it. I felt completely overwhelmed by the challenge!

Then, along came the BBC:

I have a Portal in my garden!!!!!

I utterly, utterly love what they did - with help from my husband and our good friend, Stuart. :) They completely transformed the garden, and gave us something I would never have dreamed of, made it completely manageable, and inspired us to take it further:

My mum had given me a chunk of money for my birthday, to buy a water feature; following my day out with the BBC, I knew exactly what I wanted, a pond!!

A couple of day's digging and sand laying by my husband, and we had a pond with a stream :) We carried on, with more help from Stuart, and from the money mum had given me, we finished the garden. When I say "we", I mean I made the drinks and the blokes did all the work!

Here's the pond, and you can see willow screening and cedar chippings behind it:

Looking from the TARDIS along the back of our garden:

 Next to the side of the house:

Looking towards the pond:

More of the Portal, plus a better view of the willow screening - we put that up to hide the tatty, but sound fence, and to give us and our neighbours a little more privacy:

 I absolutely LOVE our garden, and am so grateful to the BBC and The Instant Gardener team for the work they did in our garden. Kev and Stuart have worked their socks off, as well, and I now have a garden that I can enjoy, and the only work Kev has to do in it now is cut the grass and rake the leaves in the Autumn! I'm sure he'd like artificial grass soon :)

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