Friday 12 May 2017

International ME Day 2017

TL;DR: it's International ME day, I've written stuff about it:
It's International ME day today, 12th May 2017, so it's time for my annual post about living with ME.
I've had ME since 17th August 2005; almost 12 years now. It is an illness that has turned my life upside down, changed it beyond measure, but it has its blessings as well.
I'm writing this laid on my sofa after about 5 hours sleep last night - a relatively normal amount of sleep for me. Yesterday, I did too much, ferrying my mum around to do the things she needed to do. She forgets I can't do the same as she can (she's 81!), and that I'll pay for such a high (for me) level of activity.
This year, though, I want to tell you about the blessings ME has brought into my life. Sounds strange, but there are quite a few.
I've had to slow down. Smell the flowers, watch the bees, take pleasure in slower paced things.

Because of this (sorry, Miss Ganley, I shouldn't start a sentence with a preposition, but I can't remember why!), I have more time to do things, and have learnt to prioritise what's and who is important, and cut out the business.

I've learnt to appreciate being able to do simple things.

I have definitely learnt to appreciate the wonderful friends I have. If you're reading this on FB, you're definitely one of them!

I value the time people take to spend with me, whether irl, on the phone, or on line. Even a short message can change how I perceive myself and impact how I'm feeling.

I already knew how wonderful my husband and children were before I became ill; I see their compassion, thoughtfulness and love on a daily basis and truly value the support they give me. 

I really understand the value of support, both practical and emotional, and it's impact on people. Receiving support is as big a blessing as giving support - to both the giver and receiver equally, each are blessed. 

I truly understand how much God loves me, and how His plans for my life are so much better than mine. Jeremiah 29:11 is a verse I have held onto when things have been hard. 

I paint now, and my paintings go all over the world, blessing the receiver and the people that Oxfam support. If you're reading this on canvasandpaints you can see what I've achieved since having ME. If you're not, have a look anyway, you might be surprised!

Video games are fun! Geeks are awesome!!! Dr Who is awesomer (whoops, I already knew that, it just crept in unnoticed like Jaffa cakes do in my supermarket trolley!). 

False pride is dangerous, humility is better. I now use a mobility scooter to "walk" to my local town centre, rather than drive. It's getting me out into the fresh air, no one else cares, it was just in my head! It's quite good fun, as long as a) the battery doesn't run out again and b) it doesn't rain!

ME research is entering an exciting phase, with possible identification of cause just around the corner, next phase, maybe a cure!

My family are the best.

My friends are wonderful. I know I've said this already, but it can't be said too often. You are wonderful. You accept me for who I am, with my limitations, and love me. That is a precious gift. 

You don't have to be physically competent in order to have value. Being emotionally competent is just as valuable :)

There are many, many more blessings than these, I simply wanted to give you an idea about them. I'm not glad I have ME, but I am glad about the things I've learnt through having it. I long to be healed of this nasty, debilitating, painful illness, but until then, I'll carry on.
Thank you for taking the time to read this,

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