Tuesday 11 January 2011

Final Fantasy XI background almost done

Like most of my family, I've been ill over Christmas, and am struggling to be better, so have rested quite a lot, with the resultant lack of painting. 

I've finally made some progress with this picture, enough to post a new image. I've been working on the background, finishing off the fountains and flagstones. I still have some work to do on both - the fountains need water, and the flagstones need grouting (!). but once that's done, I'll be starting on the avatars. I'm still continuing to post smaller step shots on the how do I do it page, but am aiming for the next image in this page to be the finished painting.

On an entirely separate note, someone on Tumblr picked up one of my Professor Layton images, and site traffic increased madly! Thank you!


  1. I've been checking through your blog tonight and there is some frankly amazing artwork on show here! I tried to find an email address to contact you for a commission, but then I saw your note on how you've frozen that list for now. Any idea when you'll be taking fresh commissions? Buying for Oxfam is such a cool idea, I'd gladly donate to them (I already contribute to Child's Play).

  2. Hi thanks for your kind comment, I'm about 6 paintings away from unfreezing my list, I'll be posting here and in my thread on penny arcade when I'm ready to defrost it, so keep a look out!

  3. Hi, new visitor here - your work is great! I can't even imagine just how many commissions you're going to get next time you open up! Have you thought about selling prints?

  4. Hi Shirley, thanks for responding. I've just subscribed to your blog so I'll check back in frequently. Hopefully I'll get in early enough to get my request in :) Good luck with your current list. What you're doing is excellent stuff, keep it up!

  5. Hey, Phil, not sure of the legality of selling prints! I'm glad you like what I'm doing, I really enjoy it.
    BoosterBoy, I'll warn you when I'm about to defrost the list!