Friday 14 January 2011

Limbo with trees

My friend Josh is hosting a charity event in Cardiff for World Bicycle Relief (for information:, and he asked me to do a couple of A8, postcard sized pictures for it. His email for more information is . Here's the first one. 

I love Limbo, and love painting images from it, as well. I've taken these with my camera, not phone, so the quality should be better. The only problem I had was the flash reflected too much, so the final shots are without flash. 

This is the source image, plus the pencil outline. My camera flash is far too bright!

The pencil outline, with the grass started.

The "trees" started, with flash

The grass started, and then again, without flash:

And the final picture complete, again without flash, as it was too bright. I think I'll take a picture of all 4 paintings tomorrow in daylight, and re-post them

if anyone is interested in bidding for any of these pictures, please email Josh with details of your bid.

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