Friday 14 January 2011

Super Meat Boy

Well, red is my favourite colour, and I've been wanting an excuse to paint a Super Meat Boy picture for a while!

These are also for Josh who is hosting a charity event in Cardiff for World Bicycle Relief (for information:, his email for more information is . Here's the second painting:

Here's the inked in outline of the first SMB painting, I've done 2, cos they're so pretty!

Then with the background started. I love the toothy grin on this one!

Starting to block in the red.

And the finished article, covered in gravitational blood droplets and medium velocity blood spatter (I knew watching CSI would come in handy some day)

I then did another SMB, outline plus source image:

Oh, those poor, suffering meat Boys, but the joy of the successful one!

Colour wash complete.

Shading started.

And the finished article, complete with groans and grimaces. Just like the Limbo painting, if anyone would like to make a bid, please email Josh.

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