Tuesday 18 January 2011

Final Fantasy XI finally finished!

Whenever I start to get a bit full of myself, I just have to try to paint some faces. That brings me down to earth with a real bump. I have painted the faces here several times, now; I've drawn them on paper, painted over the drawn lines, tried all sorts of approaches - I think I just have to accept that faces are not my strong point, and that if anyone requests a painting with faces, then caveat emptor applies!

Here's the finished picture:

And a close-up of the left hand side:

The centre:

The right:

And the whole thing again, in case this picture is clearer:

I've taken all of these with my camera, instead of my phone, I hope they are clearer images!

The next painting I'm doing is one from Link's Awakening, I'll have the pencil sketch done in the next couple of days.

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